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Chesterfield armchair with ottoman, purple velvet

Chesterfield armchair with ottoman, purple velvet

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1/4 Chesterfield armchair with ottoman for dolls 1/4 scale (35-44 cm / 14-17 inch). Handmade.

It may surprise you that Chesterfield sofas are thought to date as far back as the mid-1700s when Lord Philip Stanhope commissioned a piece of furniture that evolved into the much-admired Chesterfield sofa we know today.
He wanted a striking leather sofa with a low seat and high back to let his gentlemen sit comfortably without creasing their suits. Thus, the iconic Chesterfield design was created.
Chesterfield sofas became somewhat of a status symbol, appearing only in the homes of the wealthy, surrounded by truly grand décor.

Armchair dimensions:
Overall height – 18 cm (7″)
Overall width – 24 cm (9.4″)
Overall depth – 18 cm (7″)
Seat height – 9 cm (3,5″)
Height of armrests – 18 cm (7″)
Seat width – 12 cm (4.7″)
Seat depth – 12 cm (4.7″)
Weight – 500 g

Ottoman dimensions:
Overall height – 7,5 cm (3″)
Overall width – 14 cm (5.5″)
Overall depth – 14 cm (5.5″)
Weight – 140 g

✿ Upholstery is made of velvet.

(Due to different monitor settings, the color true-to-life may be slightly different. All our items are hand-made, hand-painted and so might have some small imperfections. We are constantly working to improve the quality.)

Note: This is not a children’s toy.

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