About Winzerdoll

We produce fashion art ball-jointed dolls and classical vintage baroque furniture for dolls

It all began in 2019 in a small apartment with just one 3D printer and materials from a nearby art store.

I started making doll furniture in the evenings after work and on weekends.

As the demand for my creations grew, I found myself overwhelmed with orders, and that’s when I decided to take the leap and quit my job.

My apartment soon became filled with shelves of fabrics, paints, and new 3D printers – they were everywhere, even in the kitchen.

I transformed the balcony into a painting area, and my clothes cabinet became a storage space for finished furniture.

But as my ideas and plans for the future flourished, the small apartment became a problem.

There was no room left, and I was bursting with creativity. So, my husband and I decided to rent a workshop.

We endured air raids and power outages in our workshop, but our passion for our craft kept us going.

We even hired a couple of assistants to help us meet the growing demand for our unique doll furniture.

Throughout this journey, I never lost sight of my ultimate dream – to create my doll.

She has undergone countless transformations and is almost ready to be unveiled to the world.

With each setback and challenge, my determination grew stronger, and I couldn’t wait to see my dream come to life.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us.

We look forward to sharing more of my creations and upcoming doll with you all.

Olena and Yury